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"Dr. Nashid is wonderful. Very professional and knowledgeable. Been going to see him for over 5 years and could not think of going anywhere else. The staff there is also great."


"Very kind staff and Dr. Nashid was amazing. He made me aware of my options, risks and the cost associated with each. I got 2 cavities filled and this was quick and easy, even with one being so close to the root. I hate needles but he gave me 2 and I didn't even feel a thing. He was great and I would reccomend Smile View to anyone!"


"I come to Dr. Nashid from Toronto. Very Kind and knowledgable dentist with a wonderful staff. Recently had my tooth pulled at his clinic. Didnt even feel it coming out. Everyone showed tremendous care during and after the appointment. Highly recommend this clinic."


"Wonderful Emergency Service. Dr Nash was very professional, and knowledgeable. Gave plenty of options and detail to help me make my decision. The staff was caring and efficient to help get things moving quickly. So impressed that I may move to his practice considering location is next door to my home.  Well Done Dr. Nash!"


"I would highly recommend everyone to see how a professional dentist like Dr. Nashid runs this amazing Smile View Dental clinic. His personal care for all patients is stellar, and so incrediably gentle and outstanding skill and knowledge is Impressive! It feels like he barely touches you, and is absolutely painfree. His personal patient care is like no other and has a very calming manner when working on my teeth. Their is no doubt that this clinic will be the BEST dental care clinic in North Oshawa. Well done and Thank-you Dr. Nashid!"


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